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Terms and Conditions Of Hire of W.R. Hardwick LTD


Key: “Hardwicks” reference to Hardwicks Coaches, Hardwicks Passenger Service and W.R. Hardwick LTD.
“The Customer” reference to You and your traveling party.
“Vehicle” reference to the vehicle booked for hire.


By placing a booking with “Hardwicks” the customer’ is confirming they have read, understood and agree to abide by the following published Terms and Conditions (Sections 1-17). Please ensure you “the customer” fully understands them prior to placing a booking with “Hardwicks”.

1 All bookings must be paid in full by “the customer” on the day of travel or before if requested by “Hardwicks”.

2 “Hardwicks” reserve the right to refuse or terminate a booking should “Hardwicks” believe a booking has been placed using deceptive or fraudulent means. “Hardwicks” will also terminate a passenger’s travel or booking in the event of any unreasonable conduct. This includes late return at designated departure times, drunkenness and verbal or physical abuse to drivers. It is also not permitted to stand on any seats. Any further cost incurred will be the sole responsibility of the “the customer”.

3 Alcohol is Not permitted to be consumed or taken on board any “vehicle” unless approved by “Hardwicks” or driver prior to travel commencing.

4 No animals are allowed on any “vehicle” unless approved by “Hardwicks” at the time of placing booking.

5 Any items of lost property left on a “vehicle” must be reported on the day of travel or no later than 24hr after time of travel.

6 All personal items of property including baggage are the responsibility of “the customer” and should not be left on any “vehicle” unless agreed by “Hardwicks” before or on the day of travel.
There is room for reasonable amounts of baggage and equipment which will be carried at the discretion of the driver. All items are carried at owner’s risk and “Hardwicks” will not be responsible for loss or damage.

7 “Hardwicks” will not be responsible for passenger lateness of “the customer” to their booked destination,
under any circumstances for passengers failing to board our “vehicle” at the specified pick up times or when instructed by the driver. Any additional travel costs incurred by “Hardwicks” will be charged to “the customer”.

8 “Hardwicks” will use the shortest and most direct route of travel in both directions unless specified by “the customer” If “the customer” changes the route, any additional travel time and mileage will be charged to “the customer”.

9 “Hardwicks” will not be responsible for passenger lateness of “the customer” to their booked destination,
under any circumstances including unforeseen road accidents, traffic congestion and hold-ups on the route of travel. “Hardwicks” does not guarantee to complete any journey in any given time. All timings provided will be approximate.

10 “Hardwicks” reserves the right to substitute other operator’s vehicles for its own to carry out a journey if necessary.

11 Passports & other travel documents are the direct responsibility of the “the customer” at all times.
“The Customer” must ensure that Passports and or visa documents are in order and in date before the journey starts. Any return trip to pick-up forgotten document will be charged to “the customer”.

12 “Hardwicks” recommend the purchase of adequate travel insurances to be in place for events and special occasions booked by “the customer”. Therefore ‘the company’ recommend ‘the customer’ speak to their Insurance advisor to ensure adequate cover is arranged for their event / occasion. “Hardwicks”, Our suppliers and STAFF are not authorised to discuss relevant insurance options with ‘the customer’, nor do “Hardwicks” offer this type of insurance, and are unable to offer guidance on obtaining cover.

13 Children or babies that require by law a baby or child seat or booster seat, must be provided by “the customer”. All fitted baby or child seat or booster seat must be checked by “the customer” before the “vehicle” moves at the start and return of a journey. “Hardwicks” reserve the right to stop or terminate a booking if a baby or child is not properly seated or restrained in the correct seat.

14 Any damage or spillage of liquids caused to the vehicle by “the customer” or any member of “the customer” party shall become the sole responsibility of “the customer”. Any costs associated with repairs and damage must be paid by “the customer” in the time frame agreed upon with “Hardwicks”. An additional daily charge may be imposed should the vehicle be taken out of commission. A daily hire rate effective to that vehicle will be imposed. Criminal Damage may be reported to relevant persons/authorities, should ‘the company’ feel this is necessary.

15 All laws and regulations relating to drivers’ hours and rest periods must be complied with.

16 In the event of a National Emergency, strike, or for any reason beyond the control of “Hardwicks”, “Hardwicks” reserves the right to cancel any booking and refund any monies paid without further obligation.

17 “Hardwicks” reserve the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time. Should “Hardwicks” decide to do so; “Hardwicks” will e-mail these changes to ‘the customer’ no less than 5 days prior to ‘the customer’ travel date. ‘The customer’ has 3 Days in which to raise an objection to the amendments. Should “Hardwicks” not receive a reply from ‘the customer’ then “Hardwicks” will assume ‘the customer’ has accepted our new Terms and Conditions, and no correspondence will be entered in to.

If there is any point you do not understand or require father information on, then please do not hesitate to contact our office and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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    Social distancing transport available for key workers and essential movements, large vehicle with 6 feet separation.

    We are working hard to ensure we support all guidelines provided by Government with regards to the COVID-19 in order to protect staff, drivers and customers, whilst providing a seamless service to the community.

    Drivers have been provided with masks and gloves to wear if they so wish. We may ask you to sit in the back for social distancing or in our large vehicles we will have 6 feet separation.
    Drivers may choose to travel with windows open.

    We are sanitising all areas regularly and encouraging all to:

    Catch it, bin it, kill it.
    Wash hands regularly and before touching faces.
    Social distance at all times.
    Self isolate where necessary.
    We are still fulfilling all contracts for school runs for key worker children and other daily services.

    If there is anything we can do to help please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

    The situation is changing regularly so we will update this message.

    Stay Alert, Save Lives, Control the Virus - Thank you.